Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Regardless of who uttered the title of this blog post, that statement is as true today as it was the day it was first said. As an avid user of Excel for financial modeling and analysis, I am fairly well skilled at developing spreadsheets. Yet, the last thing I want to give my audience, or
any audience, is a long spreadsheet filled with page upon page of numbers. Nothing is less exciting, or puts me to sleep faster, than boring spreadsheets. But, graph the data and viola..the data comes alive! Designed properly all viewers can recognize what the chart is telling us. Thus, data visualizations, or data vizes as they are commonly referred to, are an equalizer. Certainly there are pretty sophisticated data vizes out there, some created by PhDs. Whether PhD or not, once you understand what the picture is telling you then you are on your way to becoming better informed.

Take a look at these two websites. The topics are as interesting as the data vizes are imaginative. Can you imagine your information dashboard looking like this?


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